Saturday, November 13, 2010

Procrastination Can Pay Off!

I was meaning to make an Autumn Wreath for several weeks but something else on the To Do list kept getting in the way. I finally made my way to Michael's a few days after Halloween. They were having some huge mark downs on the fall stuff. So I picked some things up and tried my hand at making a wreath. My very first time!

Here you can see our extremely boring front door. Oh how I wish I could paint it!! Or even just have the kick plate replaced with one that matches our door handle. And a new mat. Those things will happen...Eventually.

Since we live in Texas I thought it would be neat to add a star to the middle of the wreath. I hot glued the star first, then added the leaves a few at a time.

At first I thought I would decorate only one side. It just didn't look right. Nobody in the family liked it. It MUST be symmetrical! So off I went to Michaels to find another matching leaf vine. I was hoping I wasn't too late!! You know how those things happen. Someone else buys the very last one. Or they discontinue it. Or it's 35 degrees out and they bring out the bathing suits...

Anyway, I played around with it and added some more leaves to the other side.

Ahhh, much better!!

And I didn't spend $80 on a premade one. :)
Next I'll be attempting to make a Christmas one.

Wreath: $4.00
Star: $3.00
Leaf Vines $4.50
Pumpkins 0.99
Final cost: $12.49

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