Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rustic Christmas Wreath

It's getting chilly outside. Time for Christmas decorations! This year I thought I'd try my hand at making a wreath for the front door. Completely inspired by my Autumn Wreath.

I picked up a few things from Hobby Lobby the other day. They were having all of their Christmas stuff 50% off so I had to get some. Since this was only my second wreath, I wasn't sure what I was doing.

I wanted it to have a chilly, rustic feel. I tried to keep the color pallette simple. There were SO many colors and elements to choose from. I almost got overwhelmed. But I just focused on my vision. I sat there in the aisle of  Hobby Lobby with my wreath and was practically designing it right there. I placed the hollies and pine cones right on top. Added the icicles. I kept playing around with various things until I thought it looked complete.

I took out my handy little glue gun and fired it up. I added each element a few at a time. Once it looked good I'd adhere it right in place. After a few glue gun burns and kid interruptions I completed it fairly quickly.

I put it up outside on my door. It looks a little sparse to me but I'm thinking that's what the rustic feel is all about?? I don't know. It's not perfect, but I like it.


Wreath: $2.00
Star: $3.00
7 ice branches: $3.50
2 Pine cones: $2.27
Silver Spruce: $1.00
Red Hollies: $2.50

Total cost: $ 14.27

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  1. I have been wanting to make a Christmas wreath too! I think yours looks great. Did you get the star at Hobbie Lobby as well?

  2. Thank you! I got the star at Michael's in their Christmas section. I'd love to see yours when you are finished!

  3. Cute and creative wreath! I think I'll make one!!!

  4. I love this you did such a good job and for such a reasonable price. Thanks for stopping by "In His Grip":o)

  5. love it! a totally texan Christmas wreath! at a great price too. i'm so stupid. mine isn't homemade(not much at my house is!). it was clearance at target last year. . .so i did do good in the cheap department. just not the creative. . .maybe someday. . .

  6. This is simply gorgeous. Love the low price and the photography too. I'll have to try this for my parents for next year, they would love it!


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